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Architecture deals with the design and planning of buildings, such as houses, factories, museums, sports arenas, office buildings, skyscrapers, and so on. While Interior architecture is the design of a building or shelter from inside out, or the design of a new interior for a type of home that can be fixed.
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What is Architecture?
Architecture course is the art and science of planning, designing, and engineering large structures and buildings aimed at optimum utilisation of space. Also known as building engineering, architecture engineering blends the elements of science, art, and technology and requires the students to develop interdisciplinary skill sets comprising engineering knowledge, passion for modern technologies, creativity, and an understanding of social and environmental issues, tradition and cultural trends. Thus, the profession combines both the right and left brain elements and promises AE course graduates a rewarding career from all perspectives.
What is Interior Architecture?
Interior Architecture focuses on the interior and its functionality for human occupancy. Interior architecture blends art and science to create, restore, or readapt the inside of various buildings, like homes, offices, or other interior spaces. This type of architecture also involves converting one type of space into another (also called adaptive re-use), like turning the indoor space of an old office building into livable housing.
  • Should be knoweldge about the basic Architectural Engineering.
  • Should be knoweldge about the basic Interior Designing.
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Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers.

Architectural Engineers

Design Engineers

Construction Professionals

Construction Developers

Interior Designers

Interior Architectures

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